Lippitt Morgan

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To preserve the genetic purity and original type that have been achieved through careful breeding and line breeding the Lippitt Morgan and to improve, promote and perpetuate the Lippitt strain of Morgan. Welcome to the Lippitt Club and enjoy your visit!

Featured Lippitt Morgan Farms

  • Lippitt Morgan

    Winesap Lippitt Morgans

    Breeding the old type Morgan Horse. 100% Lippitt and half Lippitt Morgans.

  • Lippitt Morgan Horse

    Mor Mac Acres

    Nicholas is in New Haven, Vermont at MorMac Acres with Jim McClay.

  • Justin Morgan

    Okan Lippitt Morgans

    Our Introduction to the Lippitt Morgan was through the great stallion Meredith Bilirubin.

  • Morgan Horse

    Devine Morgans

    Home of 2021 Morgan World Champion Devine Cool Hand Luke. Where pretty is and pretty does.