Lippitt Morgan

Information on Lippitt Morgan Farms, Breeders And Owners

To preserve the genetic purity and original type that have been achieved through careful breeding and line breeding the Lippitt Morgan and to improve, promote and perpetuate the Lippitt strain of Morgan. Welcome to the Lippitt Club and enjoy your visit!

Featured Lippitt Morgan Farms

  • Lippitt Morgan Stallion

    MorMac Acres

    MorMac Acres is located in New Haven Vermont, about ninety minutes away from the home of the first Morgan - Figure.

  • Lippitt Morgan Horse

    Bold Venture Farm

    Foals for sale and two stallions at stud. Check us out on Facebook: Carol Potts, Eva, AL 256-482-3953 or

  • Justin Morgan

    Westberry Morgans

    The proud home of Four Hearts Ace, 15.1 bay full Lippitt Morgan with classic Morgan type and correct conformation.

  • Morgan Horse

    Okan Morgan Horses

    We retain several of the sons & daughters of Meredith Bilirubin and will always try and carry his bloodlines in our herd.