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Membership Coordinator

Claire Wagner
3615 N. Twin Oaks Valley Rd.
San Marcos, CA 92069
Phone: 760-471-2575

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All fees in US Funds Only
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U.S.A. Senior (over 18 years old) – USA $30.00 (1 Adult Vote)

U.S.A. Family (2 over 18 years old adult – names required) – USA $35.00 (2 Adult Votes)

Canadian Senior (over 18 years old) – Canadian $35.00(1 Adult Vote)

Canadian Family (2 over 18 years old adult – names required) – Canadian $40.00 (2 Adult Votes)

Overseas Membership (over 18 years old) $45.00 (1 Adult Vote)

Junior Membership (18 & under as of Jan 1st) $10.00 (No Vote)

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You can donate to the Lippitt Club via Paypal. Use the below button to send a donation. There is space provided for you to specify what you’d like the money dedicated for. Our most popular donation categories are: Archives, Directory, Newsletter, Marketing, Lippitt Report, Shows, Youth, Historical Video, Lippitt Lore,Stallion Report. Or you can specify something else if you would like. We thank you in advance!