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The Lippitt Club Newsletter The Lippitt Club Membership Directory.

The Lippitt Club Newsletter comes out six time a year and is a great way to stay in touch with all of the news and happenings of the Lippitt Club and its members. The LCN provides meeting minutes from all of the monthly Board meetings as well as the spring meeting and annual meeting. There is also farm news from Lippitt Morgan Farms across the country and historical articles that tell the story of our favorite Morgans from the past. You get our board member election results and a complete rundown of the Lippitt Country Horse Show. This publication has become a favorite item for our members and many have collected the issues over the years past. It's a great place to advertise your Lippitt Stallion for stud, foals announcement or for sale, or for that matter any Lippitt you may have for sale.

The Lippitt Club Directory comes out once a year and contains the name, address, phone numbers and email addresses of every Lippitt Club member. The directory also will list the Lippitt Morgans that they own and their information. It's a great resource and go to book so that you can make a connection with other members. Located towards the back of the book is the Lippitt Morgan death report and a list of fellow members we have lost during the year. Also listed are the awards the club offers and the qualifications for those awards as well as the forms. You will refer to the Lippitt Club Directory time and time again and you will keep it close by.


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